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Section I: Death Assessments

a) Purpose:

To assist in relieving the burden on a member or member’s family caused by any of the deaths listed in this section.

b) Application:

Beneficiaries are required to obtain a Death Assessment Application from the Financial Secretary and return the completed form  within thirty (30) days of any such death.  
A copy will be retained in the Local's records.                

c) Coverage


Amount of Assessment

Parent of Member

$1.50 per Member

Child of Member

$2.50 per Member

Spouse of Member

$2.50 per Member


$5.00 per Member



d) Wreaths

Upon the death of a member the Local or a member of his/ her family, the President or Financial Secretary shall have the authority to purchase a  wreath.  
In all other cases the President shall have the discretion of sending a wreath.